Ahead Tech Group specializes in Web Site Design and other internet services. We also provide PC hardware, software, and networking services. Whether your web needs are large or small, we can work with you to design a web presence that you can be proud of and that functions how you want. We offer domain and hosting services, Content management systems that allow you to EASILY control the content of your site, and can assist with marketing or Search Engine Optimization.

Networking: We provide small office or home, wireless or hard wired LAN network installation, configuration and security.

Security: We offer virus removal, backup services, data retrieval, LAN and wireless n
etworking security.


Software sales and consulting: No matter how powerful your PC, functionality is a result of the software you choose to get the job done, and your ability to use that software. We can work with you to make sure that you have the software mix to complement your personal or business needs, and your staff understands, are capable, and can best utilize the software you choose.

Custom PCs, Repairs and Upgrades: We offer affordable PCs with full support. If you desire a more unique personal computer, we offer complete modding to your specifications. We can also repair or upgrade your existing machine or network.

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