Our Story

Ahead Tech Group, LLC was developed by Keith Smith also known by many online as Cybermentality.

Keith started developing web pages when the World Wide Web was made available in 1993 and never stopped developing his skills. He’s created and maintained many profitable websites over the years and has put together a team of specialists capable of meeting your development needs.

He has ultimately become focused on search engine optimization and website development utilizing sophisticated open source content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla, and others.

Keith began his obsession with computers around 1982. He first started with a Commodore 64 programming in Basic. He always had to push the limits and was one of few people with a hard drive on a C64 back then. In 1985, he acquired a 286 and with the help of a software hoarding programmer was doing Pentium tricks before 386s came out. Back then, he was able to run programs within a Desqview environment allowing him to Window DOS programs. By the time Windows came out, he was running it within a window.

In college he specialized in business software integration and in 1988 had developed a PC with word processing software integrated with a database to be used for large scale marketing. He then acquired phone book software of every business and individual in the United States and imported the information into his database and linked it to mapping software which could be used for large scale marketing nationwide.

By 1992, he had created and was running his own BBS in the Baton Rouge area linked via phone to a network of computers nationwide. He enjoyed sponsoring a node that linked local computer users together to communicate and play LORD (Legend of the Red Dragon) utilizing Telnet prior to the Internet.

He became known on the internet as Cybermentality from 1995 to 2000 during the early days of online gaming playing Doom, Duke Nukem, and Quake. He started honing his local area network skills by developing a LAN in his home for multiplayer network gaming. Every Thursday night his friends would come over and login to six to eight machines to fight each other. This developed a keen skill for local area network troubleshooting because he was always piecing together and upgrading computers.

Super Efficient

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Deeply Commited

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Highly Skilled

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Keith Smith